Glamping in the Winter - is it for you?

Glamping in the Winter - is it for you?

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20 DECEMBER 2018 10:15

Glamping in the Winter - Is it for you?

“You’re open all year around! Doesn’t it get cold in the winter?!”

I have to say that this is a very typical reaction and line of questioning when I tell people that Larkhill stays open 365 days of the year. The simple answer is “Yep - it does get colder - but we have wood-burning stoves and they really do keep you toastie!” The wood-burning stoves really are what separates glamping from camping - it’s not just about the comfier sleeping arrangements, having a roaring fire makes for a much cosier stay… and makes it possible all year around! I don’t think I will ever forget staying in the Bentwood Yurt at Christmas a few years ago. After leaving the kids with Nanny and Grandad (Fran and Tony) in the house. It was really cold walking over to the yurt and I thought maybe my plans for a child-free evening had been a little daft! Only an hour or so later though the duvet was pushed to the end of the bed and the door was opened to let some cold air in! The wood-burner in there can really kick the heat out!

When it comes to families with very young children who book to stay with us in the coldest months we do get a wee bit nervous. If the fires go out overnight (which may happen in the early hours unless you add a few logs now and then) then the temperature drops and with little ones kicking off the extra blankets they could get cold quickly. Personally though... I love it! And many of our past customers actually prefer coming in the winter.  Being in such a small circular space, having the fire roaring and the sense of being protected from the outside feels incredibly cosy.

Obviously, it is also a bit wetter in the winter months! Wellies in the woods are definitely recommended as the paths can get a bit muddy. The rain has brought me some of my favourite moments in a yurt - the sound of the raindrops falling on the canvas is so therapeutic and relaxing (and if you don't believe me I found a nine hour recording of it on youtube to be used as a sleep aid!).  It’s a sound that always brings a smile to my face.

Many guests who come back year after year do of course prefer to come in the summer - others come in both! There is still plenty to do at Larkhill and in the local area all year around. Provided you bring the right footwear you can still enjoy our many wood sculptures and carvings on the woodland paths and you can still toast those marshmallows and stay dry in our all-weather campfire are. Out and about the majority of the attractions you’ll find on our Explore page are open during the winter.

So to answer the question - “Glamping in winter - is it for you?” I’m going to answer by saying it depends on the glamper, how much you love the outdoors and how much you appreciate and want to enjoy the changing seasons!

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