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7 NOVEMBER 2018 14:00

Welcome to the brand new website and our first ever blog!

We hope you find our new site easier to use and enjoy this new blog page. We would love its readers (you!) to get involved, so please use the comments section below and let us know what you think!

 The Origins….

First of all I feel I ought to introduce Larkhill Tipis and Yurts and the people behind it to those of you who haven’t yet visited. ‘Larkhill Tipis’ was established in 2003 and started with the idea of sharing nature in a more comfortable and accessible form of camping (this was long before the word ‘Glamping’ was invented!)  Its creators are Tony and Fran Wintle who wanted to pull their wellies on, grow their own veggies and live as much of a rural and sustainable life as possible. When Fran and Tony moved to Larkhill in 1992 there was no water supply, no electricity and no woodland! Only over-grazed fields on a hillside and a one bedroomed A-frame house which was built in the 70’s. With two small children (aged four and one) many quite rightly thought they were mad!

 Changing times…

Larkhill has grown and continues to grow and change every day. We started with one Tipi in 2003 and over the years have added Yurts and other nomadic structures - including the Alachigh and Lavvu. This year has been no exception for change as it has very much become a family affair with me, Catherine, Fran and Tony’s eldest daughter, joining the business! I grew up at Larkhill, went to the local schools, studied at University nearby and now have my own three young daughters. Larkhill is much more that just a family home and business to me, it genuinely is my favourite place on earth (my ‘hiraeth’) and I am as passionate about sharing it and ensuring guests love staying here as my parents are. I am so proud of everything my Mum and Dad have achieved here and intend to help them carry on sharing their little piece of heaven with guests for many years to come!

A blog for our guests to use…

I hope that you enjoy my blogs. I aim to share and give you a feel for Larkhill as well as giving you lots of inspiring ideas for what you can do and see whilst you stay here.  

If there is anything about Larkhill or the area that you would like to know or see in a blog post, please get in touch!

Happy Reading

Award Winning Glamping Holidays in West Wales
Tipis & Yurts in a rural location with spectacular views of the Welsh countryside
Larkhill Tipis & Yurts

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Award Winning Glamping Holidays in Tipis & Yurts in a rural location with spectacular views of the West Wales countryside

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